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7 Tips To Help With Your Electrical Remodel

Modern electrical components offer a new level of convenience, style and performance for homes and businesses. Whether your house is new or old, there are good reasons for an electric remodel, such as boosting your property’s resale value, improving energy efficiency and adding state-of-the-art smart devices. No matter the scale of your project, things go more smoothly if you follow a few simple tips.

1. Choose Professionals for Your Electrical Remodel

Expert electricians can save you time, money and effort by doing things correctly from the beginning. Talking with an electrician before making major changes — rather than after knocking down walls — can lower your costs and minimize headaches.

Professionals also deliver better results. Our team of electrical remodel experts often provide solutions you may not have considered, helping you avoid obstacles with intelligent recommendations, surprising you with our creativity and making spaces more convenient.

2. Create a Project Wishlist

What should you discuss with our certified electricians before beginning a remodel? Anything related to the features of your new space, including:

  • Illumination: Chandeliers, wall sconces, pendant lights, track lighting or indirect lighting

  • Light switches: Sliders, smart lighting and dimmer switches

  • Appliances: Electric fireplaces, washers, dryers, refrigerators, compressors, air conditioning systems, shop equipment and more

  • Specialized spaces: Home theaters, entertainment rooms, home offices, outdoor kitchens and exterior lighting

  • Technology: Wired security cameras, audiovisual cables, smart thermostats and other smart home systems

Making a list is helpful so you don’t forget anything important to you or your family.

3. Invest in Your Family’s Safety

Three-prong outlets are the bare minimum these days, but it’s worth investing in modern features for increased safety. Different outlets offer advantages in certain rooms for an electrical remodel:

  • Tamper-resistant receptacles

  • Outlets for 125-volt 20-amp equipment

  • Outlets for 250-volt 20-amp equipment

  • Ground fault circuit interrupters

  • Arc fault circuit interrupters

Many homeowners and business owners are upgrading conventional outlets to AFCI models because of added fire prevention features.

4. Spend Time Thinking About Lighting

Don’t focus exclusively on practical considerations with an electrical remodel. Make time for style, too. The right light fixtures do much more than illuminate a space. They’re gorgeous to look at, giving your home an amazing ambiance and personality.

5. Prepare for the Future

When you’re planning a remodeling project, imagine living in your dream home. Even if you can’t afford a hot tub or sauna yet, you can make sure you have wiring in place for one down the road.

6. Know When To Splurge and When To Save

Some electrical upgrades are more complex or costly than others. Focus on getting the best return on your investment. Splurge on features that add wow factor or increase the value of your home, such as a stunning pendant light over your kitchen island or romantic light sliders for your bedroom and en suite bath.

7. Enjoy a Customized Electrical Remodel

At J.C. Electric, we can help you make smart choices for your budget. Our team takes the time to answer your questions and shows you a range of available options that work. We personalize your electrical remodel to your needs, lifestyle and objectives for results that make you happy for a long time. Schedule an appointment right away.