The Importance of EV Charger Installation

Why EV Charger Installation Is Becoming More Important

The world is becoming more eco-friendly, and that includes the adoption of electric vehicles. With each new EV on the streets, EV charger installation becomes even more important. People need a place to charge their cars, both at home and on the go. This is why more individuals and business owners are putting in EV chargers.

Getting an EV Charger Installation

Whether you have a personal vehicle to charge or you want to create a space for others to charge their cars, you can get an EV charger installed with J.C. Electric. At a house, a charging station could increase the value of the property. For a business, chargers make your establishment more convenient for electric vehicle owners, since they know they can charge their cars while they dine or shop.

The first step in getting an EV charger is to determine the type needed. There are different types of chargers available, including level 1, level 2 and DC fast charging. Level 1 and 2 chargers are typically installed at homes and businesses, while DC fast charging is often found at public charging stations. Choosing the right type of charger will depend on your driving needs, the type of vehicle you own and your electrical capacity.

Next, double-check local ordinances to make sure there are no restrictions on where you can place the charger on your property. Once that is done, J.C. Electric can make sure your electrical system can handle a more powerful charger and make any needed upgrades to get you the voltage your new charger requires.

Benefits of EV Charger Installation

Getting an EV charger installed will be a good choice today and for years to come. As electric vehicles become more advanced and accessible, they are becoming more popular. EVs made up about 10% of new car sales in 2022, a big increase over the year before, and the percentage is expected to grow.

People like that electric vehicles emit zero emissions while driving, making them a much cleaner and greener transportation option. Many are also looking to save money, since charging an EV can cost less than putting gasoline in a traditional car, especially when fuel costs spike. There are also more regulations calling for automakers to switch to selling electric vehicles in the coming years, so having the resources to support EVs is a good idea.

All this means you are more likely to come across someone who is an electric vehicle owner or become one yourself in the coming years. Having the right infrastructure in place will make everyone more comfortable. EV owners can travel with confidence knowing they will be able to charge their car, while drivers of gas-powered vehicles don't have to change anything.

Another reason why EV chargers are becoming more important is that governments are offering incentives to encourage people to buy electric vehicles. For example, many governments offer tax credits, rebates or grants to help offset the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle. Utah has many programs in place that you can explore.

Some federal incentives are often tied to the availability of charging infrastructure. In some cases, governments require that a certain percentage of charging stations in a given area be available before incentives are granted. Installing more EV chargers can contribute to an entire community's well-being.

What To Expect When You Have Your Own EV Charger

The advantages of EV charger installation are awesome, but your new equipment does come with considerations to keep in mind. One is the cost. J.C. Electric can help you understand the expenses that come with the process. You can also use incentives, grants and rebates to offset some of the upfront price of your charger.

Like any other appliance or piece of equipment, an EV charger requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to function properly. This may include cleaning, inspections and occasional repairs. Treat your charger maintenance the way you do property repairs and add it to a list of things you check on a regular basis so you can stay ahead of problems.

It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your electric bill after you have a charger installed. You may notice a slightly higher monthly charge since you are plugging in a car. Rocky Mountain Power estimates it costs about $2 to $4 each time you charge a fully electric car. You can enroll in special usage programs that reward you for charging the car in off-peak use hours to reduce this expense.

Make Your Life Better With an EV Charger

For drivers who have already embraced electric vehicles but haven't moved forward with an EV charger installation yet, taking the next step can make life a lot easier. Owning an EV charger at your home or business can provide significant time and convenience benefits since you won't need to worry about finding public charging stations or waiting in line to use them.

Charging your EV overnight is useful, as it allows you to wake up to a fully charged vehicle in the morning. This can be particularly helpful if you have a long commute or need to use your vehicle early in the day.

Having an EV charger also can contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Individuals and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint can get closer to their goals with an EV charger installation.

Don't Wait Any Longer for Your EV Charger Installation

Every day, more people and organizations look for ways to protect the environment we live in and reduce fuel use and costs. Many turn to electric vehicles, which means it's more important than ever that EV chargers are installed in more places to keep these cars powered up. Whether you need to charge your own car, want to make your property more eco-friendly to future owners or plan to offer charging at your business to welcome EV-owning customers, an EV charger installation makes sense. Call J.C. Electric to get started.,for%20more%20sustainable%20transportation%20options.