Who Should Do Your Generator Repair in Utah?

Who Should Do Your Generator Repair in Utah?

Prolonged power outages in northern Utah aren’t only inconvenient; they can be deadly to some, especially during our cold winters. Many people invest in standby generators to power their essential systems and devices if an outage occurs, but what happens if your generator doesn’t work properly? If you need generator repair in Utah, call J.C. Electric.

When Do You Need Generator Repair in Utah?

Whether you have a whole-house standby generator or a smaller one to provide partial power, you need to know it’s reliable. J.C. Electric can inspect your generator regularly to see if you need our generator repair services. Several common warning signs indicate you may need service or generator repair:

  • Age: As your generator ages, it is subject to normal wear and tear, and minor problems can develop.

  • Power output fluctuations: If your lights flicker or your appliances don’t run properly when powered by your generator, the generator isn’t producing sufficient power.

  • Leaks: Generator gas leaks are hazardous and can cause explosions and fires, and expose you to toxic fumes.

  • Noises and smells: Your generator shouldn’t produce odors or make unusual noises.

If your unit doesn’t power on automatically or is sluggish, you should call J.C. Electric. A professional inspection can spot issues before they cause further damage. We can repair your unit or assist you with an upgrade.

What Are Common Generator Repair Issues?

Your unit may need generator repair in Utah for one of these common problems:

  • Control panel malfunction

  • Dead battery

  • Exhaust system buildups (acids, carbon particles, oil, unburned fuel, and water condensation)

  • Fuel issues (using too much fuel, leaks, faulty gauges, check valve errors, air in the fuel line)

  • Low coolant levels (can cause overheating and ruin several critical components, including the alternator, bearings, exhaust valves, head gasket, and rotor)

  • Worn block heater or hoses

You can avoid many of these issues with regular generator inspections and maintenance.

Standby generators are available with varying capacities. If you’ve added to your home or significantly increased your power requirements without upgrading your generator, your existing generator may not be large enough to handle the load. J.C. Electric can inspect your generator and present options for increasing power output.

Why Should You Invest in a Standby Generator?

Today’s homes rely on electrical power and connectivity. Homeowners use continuous power daily for various essential needs:

  • Device charging

  • Food storage and preparation

  • Heating and air systems

  • Internet connections

  • Medical equipment

An extended power outage can cause significant inconveniences and discomfort, health risks, and remove your ability to communicate. Investing in a standby generator can alleviate those risks.

Who Should Handle Your Generator Repair in Utah?

Based in Ogden, J.C. Electric serves commercial and residential property owners in northern Utah. We have earned the reputation of being knowledgeable, reliable, and respectable electrical service providers since we opened in 1978. We offer free estimates, competitive pricing, fast service, and emergency assistance. Our certified technicians have extensive training.

Whether you need routine inspections and maintenance, installations, upgrades, or generator repair in Utah, J.C. Electric is here to help. For further information, estimates, or appointment scheduling, call us at (801) 905-8002 or submit our online form.