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Pole mounted solar panels

Need Solar Panel Repair? J.C. Electric Can Help

Many homes and businesses in Utah have made the switch to solar power. Using solar energy has many benefits; it can reduce or eliminate electric bills and lessen environmental impact, and solar panels typically require only minimal maintenance.

As with anything mechanical, however, solar energy systems sometimes lose efficiency or break down. If you’re in northern Utah and need solar panel repair, J.C. Electric can help.

How Do You Know if You Need Solar Panel Repair?

Cloudy days and dirty panels can reduce the amount of electricity your solar system can produce on any given day; that’s normal. However, some issues may indicate that you should call us to inspect your system:

  • Error messages or lights on your inverter

  • Irregular or reduced power production

  • Suspected damage to solar cells or casings

  • System shutdowns

  • Visible damage

People who aren’t familiar with solar panels and systems can damage them by trying to repair problems on their own. J.C. Electric is a leading solar panel repair, installation, and maintenance contractor. Our team of professionals will ensure that the job is done right.

How Do Solar Energy Systems Work?

Each solar photovoltaic panel includes many cells. These cells create direct current electricity from sunlight. A power inverter then converts the DC electricity into alternating current, which is the type of power homes run on.

A single panel won’t produce enough current for most uses, but you can link multiple panels into a solar array. Most people who use solar-generated electricity also use power from theĀ utility grid. That way, you’ll have power even if your system doesn’t generate all you need in a day.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Many factors affect a solar panel’s lifespan, but they typically last forĀ 25 to 30 years before the degradation they experience is significant enough to warrant replacing them. When solar panels are first installed, they should operate at peak efficiency. The amount of power they produce lessens by around 0.5% annually.

Degradation is normal and natural. It generally happens because of:

  • Busbars: can produce microcracking

  • Damp heat: may damage insulation

  • Humidity freeze: can affect adhesion in the junction box

  • Thermal cycling: may damage soldered connections

  • UV exposure: may discolor and damage the cell backsheet

When your solar panels reach a certain age or degree of degradation, you may need to decide between solar panel repair and replacement.

Does Utah’s Cold Weather Hurt Solar Panels?

You might think that cold temperatures could damage a solar array, but Utah’s climate is actually ideal for solar energy. We have a lot of sun exposure, and the state staunchly supports those who choose sustainable energy sources.

Most electronics operate better in colder temperatures, and solar panels are no different. Solar cells gather the sun’s light, not heat. In fact, their performance actually decreases in warmer climates. Heavy cloud cover and snow can temporarily reduce a solar panel’s capabilities, but PV cells can use indirect sunlight to generate power.

What Conditions Indicate You Need Solar Panel Repair?

There are other problems you may experience. To avoid damaging your solar power system, call J.C. Electric to evaluate your repair needs.


Leaves, bird droppings, and other debris on solar panels can reduce their efficiency. At times, birds may build nests between your roof and solar array. J.C. Electric can schedule routine maintenance visits to keep your panels clean.

Hot Spots

Structural defects, connections that aren’t soldered correctly, and other issues can cause areas on your solar panels to overload. These hot spots are often discolored and may look burned. Hot spots can cause short circuits, which may impact a panel’s performance and longevity.

Internal Corrosion

Every component in your solar panel is laminated for protection against the elements. Water, air, or other substances can lead to significant system damage if the lamination fails. Trapped moisture corrodes your panel and creates rust. Delamination may cause bonding failure, eventually separating your panel’s components.


Tiny flaws and damage can cause microscopic tears and cracks in solar panels. While these imperfections may not affect a panel’s performance right away, they typically grow and worsen. If you notice any cracks, call J.C. Electric.

Potential Induced Degradation

Voltage inconsistencies can cause a partial discharge to release in your panel’s primary power circuit. These voltage discharges often cause your panel to operate inefficiently and shorten its lifespan.

Snail Trails

Whether caused by micro-cracks, internal corrosion, defective manufacturing, or other factors, areas in your panels with excessive heat may react with moisture. This can produce brown lines resembling snail tracks. Proactive solar panel repair can extend the life of these panels and increase their power production.


Solar panels and arrays connect with wires. Loose wiring connections can lead to corrosion, oxidation, and a decrease in power output.

How Can You Protect Your Solar Energy System?

Solar panels need little maintenance, and it’s easy to forget to check them for potential issues. Just as you change your car’s oil and your HVAC system’s air filters regularly to improve performance and extend their lifespans, you should also call J.C. Electric for regular cleaning and system maintenance check-ups.

If you’re interested in adding solar panels to your home or business, we can design a layout and customized system for you based on your needs. We use only high-quality components when installing your system, whether you’re remodeling or building a new structure.

Do You Need Solar Panel Repair in Northern Utah?

Not just anyone should work on solar panels. You need trained technicians with experience in troubleshooting system issues and handling the delicate components. Located in Ogden, J.C. Electric has served northern Utah residents and business owners since 1978. We provide many electrical services, including solar panel installations.

Who better to work on your system than a highly rated local company that installs them? Contact J.C. Electric today to schedule solar panel repair, maintenance, installation, or replacement. Our regular business hours are weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., but we will try to accommodate you if you have an emergency. Call us at (801) 905-8002 or submit our online form.